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Home and Office Service

We'll Come To You

Receiving an IV Treatment or having a blood test in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or office in Bangkok is now as simple as scheduling an appointment. At the agreed upon date, time, and location, a healthcare team will come to you and provide the services requested.

How It Works

Make Appointment

Contact one of our friendly Thai and English speaking team to book the time that suits you best

Mobile Service

Our professional medical team will come to your home, hotel or office to consult or treat you

Custom Healthcare

Our team formulates a health plan based on your individual needs including supplements and more

Ongoing Care

Our team will look after you long after visiting you, reminding you on your next check-up and refill

Online Doctor Consultations

Want to save even more time?  You can schedule an online consultation with any of our doctors at a time that suits you best. 

Simply make an appointment and we will help you with the rest.  Perfect for initial consultations or follow ups, or if you simply don’t want to face the traffic.

Personalised Supplements

BeBetter Wellness provides custom compounded nutritional supplements formulated by our medical professionals to suit your body’s needs based on laboratory tests.

One-time or ongoing supplement subscriptions are available, shipped directly to your door.  Your personal formula is adjusted after each check-up. 

Never worry about what supplements to buy ever again.

Health Check-Ups & IV Nutrient Cocktails

Our expert medical team will come to your hotel room, home or office to collect your blood samples for our health check-up packages, and perform IV nutrient cocktail infusions and other medical services.

Customised Packages

Our team specialises in designing customised packages for patients after evaluating your needs and analysing your medical history and laboratory test results.

We understand that one size does not fit all and everyone is unique, so we create customised packages including a mix of medical treatments, personalised supplements and more.

Contact us to talk about your goals and let us guide you through the process.

Cell Therapy & NK Therapy

With new technologies, innovative products and expertise of our physicians, we help individuals to detect and prevent early signs of chronic diseases leading to a healthy life.

These treatments are performed after doctor consultation and evaluation of diagnostic tests recommended by the doctor and can be performed at your comfort.

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