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Our Wellness Centre

We have a wide range of treatments each designed to rapidly improve your health. If you are seeking answers to the most common health conditions today, chances are we can help you.

Check-Up Packages

Stay on top of your health with one of our check-up and screening packages

IV Therapies

IV nutrient cocktails, hormone replacement therapies and more

Customized Supplements

Compounded supplements personalized to your individual nutrient needs

Doctor Consultations

Talk with one of our doctors online, at our clinic or in your home

Home & Office Service

Receiving an IV Treatment or having a blood test in the comfort of your own home is now as simple as scheduling an appointment. At the agreed upon date, time, and location, a healthcare team will come to you and provide the services requested.

Online Doctor Consultations

You can schedule an online consultation with any of our doctors at a time that suits you best.  Simply make an appointment and we will help you with the rest.  Perfect for initial consultations or follow ups, or if you simply don’t want to face the traffic.

Healthcare for Hospitality

We work with hotels, resorts, corporations and more to bring mobile medical services on-site.  We can create and operate health programs that suit your business and customers, provide part time, full time or on demand healthcare professionals and more.

Visit Us

BeBetter Wellness Clinic

Building 3, Level 3, Sikarin Hospital,
976 Lasalle Road, Bang Na,
10260 Bangkok Thailand

Open 9am – 5pm Daily

Phone  +66 92-952-5235, +66 63-190-4979
LINE  @BBWellness

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